Our Cleaners

Our cleaners carry out appropriate ‘Maintenance Cleaning/Spring Cleaning’

Maintenance cleans do not cost more per hour, it simply means allowing a bit extra time at each booking i.e. if your list of weekly chores usually takes 3hrs, consider booking for 4 hours for these maintenance/spring clean chores to be carried out.

If you dont have your own chore/check list. We get our cleaners to supply a check list and tick what has been done during that clean. We encourage you to add to this list if there is anything that needs to be covered in your particular home.

How do I find the best cleaner for my home?

Some 60% of our booking come from referrals, which is a great indicator of the service we offer. There are no extra, or undisclosed, charges. We offer a simple, clearly set out cost and or hourly rate right from the start for all cleaning work.

We encourage detailed and clear all-round communication in order to ensure clients receive an impressive and tailored service, and as a consequence of this find that cleaners get the sense of satisfaction and receive the compliments and referrals that they work hard for.

So How do you find the best cleaner for your home? start by giving 1300 MY CLEANER a call!

Our cleaners are hand picked for these reasons.

A. They are thorough
B. They will use common sense and will judge and pick the most obvious of chores if you have not indicated what needs to be done.
C. Our cleaners do not mind getting down into corners and behind toilets if that’s what needs to be done.